The Grant Museum of Zoology houses one of the oldest natural history collections in the UK and is the last remaining university natural history museums in London. Its collection of almost 70,000 zoological specimens offers a staggering and unique window onto the animal kingdom, with many brilliant facts and observations, such as why the elephant skull helps explain the ancient Cyclops myth: the elephant’s large central skull cavity was originally assumed to be a singular eye socket.

Pollock’s Toy Museum, set in two adjoining Georgian townhouses, takes a fascinating look at many sweet, charming and sometimes plain weird toys throughout history, with the option to buy many of their replicas (great for quirky, retro gift ideas). There are variations of toys that you might expect to see, such as clockwork toys, dolls and teddy bears, but also some fascinating creations from around the world, including a 4000-year-old toy mouse.

Fitzroy Square! You’re in Fitzrovia, so you really should visit Charles Fitzroy’s eponymous square and gaze at the former homes of Virginia Woolf, E.M Forster, et al. It is a gorgeous Georgian square, perfect for pulling up a bench on a sunny day, donning your cool sunglasses and taking time to read a book. Maybe try Mrs Woolf’s classic Room Of One’s Own on a bench of one’s own.