South Bank has plenty of great eateries to for the transient tourist crowd to enjoy, as well as all the restaurants in the Waterloo area (see our Waterloo guide) but what might be less obvious on first glance is the wealth of very cool drinking establishments and cocktail bars on offer.

Skylon has breathtaking views of the River Thames and is certainly a luxury destination bar. Choose your drinking date wisely, though, as they also offer the chance for guests to try their hand at being the maestro cocktail maker on Monday nights, which could get a bit messy. Maybe not the most sensible way to start the week – but a lot of fun.

Gillray’s at the London Marriot at County Hall also has stunning river views, looking out over Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, glorious when lit up at night. Gillray’s lays claim to over 100 different varieties of gin on offer. Good luck getting through those.

The Oxo Tower Bar offers phenomenal views over St Paul’s Cathedral and all along the river. For those who don’t mind heights, it really is a wonderful spot to watch the city’s lights come alive at night.

Returning to ground level, Studio 6 at Gabriel’s Wharf is a lot more homely and serves great food and drinks. Gabriel’s Wharf is a lovely little South Bank enclave of shops and restaurants, with terraces that are great for people-watching in the warmer months.

Another welcome addition to a bankside walk is the Mondrian Hotel which houses a hotel, spa, restaurant and cocktail bar with river views.