Brave In Bronze

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‘…and though she be but little, she is fierce.’
– A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare

Fearless Girl, a bronze statue created originally by Kristen Visbal, was unveiled outside the London Stock Exchange building on Paternoster Square yesterday, where she will stand defiantly until June. The bronze is a copy of a sculpture which was positioned originally in front of the famous Charging Bull in New York City back in 2017, before being relocated nearby. The original measures just 130cm in height and weighs 110kg; what she lacks in height, she certainly makes up for in attitude.

Fearless Girl has been commissioned in Paternoster Square to highlight the contribution that female leaders make to business – and to remind us that there is still work to be done to get more women into top leadership roles. It seems fitting that it was our very own female Group Director, Tina Evans, who took this photograph on her way into work yesterday. Tina started her own career on the trading floor in the City before moving into the property industry and climbing the ranks of Frank Harris & Company; in celebration of International Women’s Day today, we asked her what advice she would give to young girls looking to make their mark in the property business:

‘’The look of determination on Fearless Girl’s face really struck a chord with me and I think the statue is a powerful reminder of how important it is for men and women to support each other within the business community. I have worked in two fields which are traditionally male-dominated – firstly in finance and now in property. The advice I would give to any young girl considering a career in these areas is to work hard and to believe in yourself. It’s also helpful to be passionate about what you do. In my case, as a born and bred Londoner, I’m still passionate about finding people their perfect home within the Capital. Somebody once said to me ‘know your worth’ and those words have stayed with me ever since; it’s about believing you are capable and then putting in the hard work to make sure you get the results.’’

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