Day 1 – The Start Of A New Year In Property Management

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Our intrepid Property Manager, Rob Pearson, walks us through his first day back at work this year.

Property Management – Day 1, 2019

‘Happy New Year!’ The words that greet every employee in the country as they return to work, those precious lost days of tucking into the Quality Street by 9am already fading like a distant memory.

They were also the opening words of nearly every one of the 60+ emails I returned to this morning.  Thankfully they were followed by a number of diverse requests requiring time and careful consideration. Whilst I agree that having no hot water is pretty awful, the holiday timetables of plumbers would suggest that we need to consider the health benefits of cold showers more positively.

My seasonal highlights included the traditional array of heating and hot water issues (made more exciting by including our own office boiler’s problems this year…who doesn’t love to work in an environment averaging 2 degrees?); a new insurance claim generated by a desk leg having been put through a glass door by mistake; a light fitting which blew with such ferocity that it flung a chunk of its fitting across the room, and a fire alarm system that began beeping continuously on Boxing Day.

The fire alarm proved to be a rather – well, alarming – start to my morning. It required a short tube ride to the building and an attempt to reset the system. This resulted in my setting the alarm off entirely, scaring the neighbouring shop staff and leaving me temporarily deaf in one ear. Eventually I silenced the alarm but it soon resumed the fault warning beep. At this point I concluded that a professional engineer was probably required.

This was followed by a brief retreat to our local sandwich bar to purchase necessary team fuel in the form of first-day-back pastries. Upon leaving the establishment I found myself on the phone debating whether the Barbican was situated on the Embankment with Ikea (it’s not). Winning this argument proved bittersweet, however. The poor-humoured delivery team decided to leave the double mattress at street level when they did eventually drop it off. This left me to negotiate it up to the 6th floor. If we’ve never met, you should know that, physically, I resemble a bundle of matchsticks that are being held together precariously by elastic bands, so this exercise proved to be a slight challenge, shall we say.

Congratulating myself for neither passing out or crying I decided it was time for lunch. At just 2:30pm in the afternoon this was pretty good going for a first day back.

Thankfully the afternoon took a quieter turn and was mostly taken up with repeated calls to electricians and plumbers. I alternated between them with various requests and pleading for expedited schedules. I also managed to drop into a 4-bedroom tower flat we’d been renovating over the Christmas break and look at the new paintwork job. Mercifully, the work was almost complete and looking quite something. I finished my day by confirming the release of a deposit to a tenant who had moved out just before the Christmas break on 22nd of December.

We’re back.

Day 1 down, 364 to go.

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