When you apply for a tenancy, you will be required to make a Payment of Intent which is usually equivalent to one weeks’ rent. This Payment of Intent will be offset against the total of initial monies required before the commencement of tenancy. The payment formalises your intent to proceed with an application for a tenancy, subject to contract, though it is refundable should you decide not to proceed with the tenancy. However, if you decide not to proceed, then all of the pre-tenancy charges and fees listed below will be deducted plus an administration fee of £60.00 (including VAT). Should the Landlord withdraw for any reason other than inadequate references, then the Payment of Intent will be refunded in full. Should the reason be inadequate references, then the Payment of Intent will be refunded less the referencing charges as detailed below and an administration fee of £60.00 (including VAT).


The normal method of payment is either calendar monthly or quarterly in advance, subject to negotiations. Please note that the rent is usually exclusive of telephone, gas, electricity, Council Tax and water rates, which are all the Tenant’s responsibility. Please note that the initial payment for the first period of rent, the deposit and the charge for the Tenancy Agreement is payable before Check-In commences, and must be cleared funds in the form of a Bankers Draft or by direct payment to our account. We cannot accept personal cheques or cash for this initial payment.


Equivalent to six weeks’ rent.

TENANCY AGREEMENT (Tenant’s share)

Tenancy Agreement fee applicable of £285.00 (including VAT). There may also be a Stamp Duty fee payable to the Inland Revenue – please see website


Any alterations requested by the Tenant’s solicitor to our standard Tenancy Agreement will incur a fee of £90.00 (including VAT) per hour.


The Company uses a Credit Reference Agency to process references. You will be asked for details of current and previous addresses, employer, bank and personal references. There is a fee of £50.00 (including VAT) payable per Tenant for processing the application. A further fee of £50.00 (including VAT) may be payable if a guarantor is required.


Not permitted by most Landlords. When pets are allowed, the security deposit is increased to the equivalent of 2 months’ rent.


We will follow the instructions of the Landlord in making arrangements for the inventory check-in. An Inventory check-in is conducted at the time of possession by an independent inventory clerk. The Landlord is responsible for the check-in charge. Possession is granted after such a check-in, which is conducted during office hours Monday – Saturday. The costs will vary depending on the size of the property. It is advised that the Tenant attend the check-in appointment.

During Tenancy


All utilities except telephone and other telecoms must be transferred into the Tenant’s name at the commencement of the term. If accounts have not been held during the last six months in the UK, it may be necessary to pay a deposit (approx. £100.00) to the Electricity Board and / or British Telecom or to pay monthly by Direct Debit.

AMENDMENT FEES (Tenant’s share)

Renewal Addendum, Memorandum of Agreement or Deed of Variation fee of £100.00 (including VAT).


Should the Tenant negotiate the inclusion of a break clause in their Tenancy Agreement and should the Tenant exercise the break clause during the tenancy, a fee of £200.00 (inclusive of VAT) will be payable to Jackson-Stops. If the Tenant does not exercise the break clause and remains in the property for the duration of the agreed Term, no fee will be charged.


Should a Tenant wish to terminate the tenancy before the end of the term and the Landlord agrees, the Tenant will be liable to pay the rent until the term expires, or the property is re-let, whichever is earlier. The Tenant will also be responsible for the repayment of the pro-rata commission paid in advance by the Landlord for the unexpired portion of the tenancy, unless the Tenant is exercising a break clause which is contained in the Tenancy Agreement.


Should an individual Tenant wish to vacate the property and replace themselves with an alternative Tenant, they will be obliged to obtain written consent from the Landlord. Upon receipt of this consent the Agent will draw up a new Tenancy Agreement to be signed by all parties. An administration fee of £420.00 inclusive of VAT will be charged for this service.


An administration fee of £50.00 (including VAT) will be chargeable for each letter sent by us regarding late or non-payment of rent or administration charges. If any charges remain outstanding at the end of the tenancy, we will deduct the total amount from the security deposit.


The Tenant may request a reference at any time. The administration fee for the service is £50.00 (including VAT) and is payable when the reference is requested.

Post Tenancy


At the end of the tenancy, the Tenant will be responsible for paying for a professional clean.


We will follow the instructions of the Landlord in making arrangements for the inventory check-out. Unless otherwise agreed, the Tenant will be liable for the cost of the check-out. The Tenant will be liable for the cost of any missed appointments/cancellation fees. The Tenant is aware that the cost of the check-out appointment is variable, depending on the size of the Property. It is advised that the Tenant attend the check-out appointment.



The Tenant is responsible for settling and closing all final utility accounts at the end of the tenancy.


The Tenant is responsible for paying the licence fee in respect of the use of any television set in the premises during the Tenancy.


It is the Tenant’s responsibility to insure their own possessions.



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