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Finding reliable contractors can be a tricky business. It can be hard not to fall foul of at least one ‘rogue’ trader at some point when working with property. This is even more the case when you’re not living at the property, or near enough to drop in and check how things are going.
So how do you find good contractors? Is there a failsafe method?
Sadly, not.
However, you can reduce the risk of getting stung by the bad ones by following these three basic rules:

Rule 1:
Don’t fire people because of mistakes, fire people if they refuse to correct their mistakes. The most important thing is clear communication.

Rule 2: Take a contractor’s advice about other companies. The building trade is huge. Many contractors move from company to company, which means that many of the firms you already trust will have the established connections and contacts you need. Personal recommendations and ‘word of mouth’ are always valuable.

Rule 3:
Don’t trust extremes in relation to the price of a job. If something seems too cheap to be right, then it almost certainly is. Similarly, if something seems extremely expensive don’t be afraid to dig in and interrogate the details. If you get clear and proper answers that make sense, then maybe you have misunderstood the scale of the work you are asking for. However, if you get a defensive tone which suggests you might want to just get someone else to do it, it’s probably worthwhile considering doing just that.

If you can hold to these three rules then you shouldn’t go too far wrong. Though, there’s no guarantee of course. Should you get horribly stung then do remember that whatever financial discomfort it causes you, it is nothing compared to the discomfort caused to your tenants who are living with the aftermath.

Here at Frank Harris, we work with trusted and experienced contractors across many different trades. We have built trusted relationships over time and have a ‘go to’ list of individuals and companies whose work we rate highly. Do get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

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