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Here at Frank Harris & Company, we’re always looking for ways to improve the service we offer to our clients. One of the best ways we felt we could do that was by enhancing the online capabilities of our business… and what better time to reinvent ourselves than in 2018, the year that we have turned 40?

So, welcome to our brand new website, we hope you like it and find it helpful with all your property requirements.

Frank Harris opened the doors to his first estate agency in 1978 and since then our business has grown to four branches with strong coverage across central London. 1978 was a significant year for many other cultural, social, political and economic reasons, too:

  • The UK’s yearly inflation rate was running at 8.3%.
  • At year end, the Bank of England’s interest rate was running at 12.5%… great for savers, not so good for the mortgaged population and a stark reminder of how historically low our interest rates are currently.
  • NASA announced the names of its first group of female astronauts in January 1978, who included Kathryn Sullivan, Anna Fisher and Sally Ride.
  • Host country, Argentina, won the 1978 World Cup.
  • The UK celebrated the birth of the first human, Louise Brown, conceived through IVF, who was often referred to as the ‘test tube baby’ and entered the world on July 25th
  • It was a great year for some memorable film releases, which included Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Deer Hunter and Jaws 2.
  • For the 98% of Americans who had a household television by 1978, they were enjoying iconic programmes including Happy Days, Little House on the Prairie, Saturday Night Live, Wheel of Fortune, Charlie’s Angels and The Muppet Show.
  • For those who fancied a night out, gentlemen could be found sporting pastel turtleneck sweaters and slacks, whilst the ladies would often be in smocked dresses and hessian wedges; if they were heading to the nightclub, it’s likely they were grooving on down to the sounds of ‘Night Fever’, ‘Stayin Alive’, ‘Three Times a Lady’, or other tunes by the Rolling Stones, Boomtown Rats, or Paul McCartney and Wings.

Back then there were no such things as websites, though 1978 was the year that the first computer bulletin board system – BBS for short – was introduced, which in many ways was the precursor to all things online.

Fast forward to the present day and the internet is the way that over 90% of people begin searching for a property. Our highly-interactive and responsive new website promises an instinctive, user-friendly experience for visitors and includes plenty of useful local information and insight into the areas of London that we cover.

We would be delighted to help with any property requirements you have; whether you’re selling, buying, letting or renting, please do visit our new website here, or contact your nearest branch to talk to our friendly and experienced Frank Harris teams.

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